A Giant of a man

image from Format Magazine

Every time I look at a piece by Mike Giant I am in awe. I feel the same way I did the first time I saw an early Chuck Close painting in person. Mike Giant makes such intricate illustrations only with a sharpie marker. They are flawless. His lines are extremely clean. They look as if they could have been done on illustrator. To me he is one of the best at using pure black and white to describe his subjects.


  1. I liked the way your told what you thought about the poster. I would have like to have been given a little more information on what questions it brought to mind for you. Maybe a little background on why you chose this piece. I think a description of what you think is going on in the poster would have been great- there is so many layers and different illusions going on that it's tough to really get a sense of it without long study. All-in-all pretty good though.

  2. I really like the piece you chose. But I would like to know more about the artist and his background.

  3. Mike Giant attention to detail and variety creates a strong reaction to this piece but again he does this with only the use of a single tool.


    Blog title: A Giant of Man
    You should really check out the work of my old audio production teacher. He
    uses black felt tip pens and creates nonrepresentational forms. You easily
    get lost in them. He goes by “Booka B” but his real name is Adam Bucher.
    He might have some stuff on his myspace page for his music. Look up “Booka

  5. Good review. Simple and to the point. Mimics what you like about the work as well. Nice formal tip of the hat.